This is us

Dit zijn wij
Your host Pieter and guest lady Saskia

We are Pieter Schaaf and Saskia Rypma, both around fifty, and our daughters Simone and Margo. For a long time we felt like it was time for another way of life, with more time for our daughters and each other, less stress and more contact with nature and the outdoors.

We had both been dreaming about starting something for ourselves for a long time, Pieter with a touristic background and Saskia with her caring nature, both flexible and independent and not afraid to get their hands dirty.

So we went looking for a beautiful place to build our new life with the girls, and came across Finca Los Eucaliptos. A finca with simple yet comfortable rooms, furnished as much as possible in the style of the house and the area. A great place for a glass of wine, a good conversation or a good book.

We love to welcome guests to enjoy what we found here: no noise or hustle and bustle just beautiful nature, fresh air and enough space for you and your loved once.